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Welcome to the Kerala tour planner. Do you need help in preparing an perfect Kerala tour planner on your own. Then doesn’t waste time try out the Tour Planner from Kerala tourism packages. Our system allows you to create a perfect tour plan during your visit to God’s Own country - Kerala. Provide details of your visit including choice of destinations, days of stay, arriving place etc. Now relax and leave the rest to the Kerala tour planner. An ideal tour planner would be made generated, and all you have to do is take the next flight and head for Kerala

      Kerala Facts


Area : 38,863 / 15,005 sq. miles
Population : 318.38 lakhs(2001Census) (3.34 % of total population of India)
Land Mass : 1.18 % area of total land.
Capital : Trivandrum
Language : Malayalam
Literacy : 100% (app)
Climate : Tropical
Clothing : Light cottons
Geographical Position : The land lies between 80 18' North Latitude and between 740 52' and 770 24' East Longitude.
Border : East: Western Ghat Mountains, west:: Arabian Sea, South: Tamil Nadu and North: Karnataka
Rivers : 44
Longest River - Bharathapuzha (251.1 Km)
Highest Mountain - Anamudi (2652.3 Metres)
Climate - Summer - 35 to 22.5 degrees C Winter - 32 to 20 degrees.
History : Kerala had become a Linguistically distinct region in 14th century
First Recorded Kingdom: Empire Chera Ruled Kerala from Vanchi.
Between 8th and 14th century -Malayalam is developed as a language under Chera Empire-II.Kerala was first mentioned in the Sanskrit epic Aitareya Aranyaka.
Early Trading centres: Evidence shown Arabs from 8th century, Portuguese in 1498, The dutch and Britishers from 16th and 17th centuries establish trade centres with Kerala. Cranganore, Quilon, Alleppey, Cannanore and Cochin are major ports used for trading.
Time : GMT +5.30
Currency : Indian Rupee
No.of Districts : 14
Taluks : 63
Revenue Villages : 1452
City Corporations : 5
Grama Panchayat : 991
Block Panchayat : 152
District Panchayat :14
Sex Ratio :1058 women for 1000 men
Infant Mortality Rate :14
Birth Rate :18
Death Rate :6.4
Literacy Rate :90.92 percent
Total No.of Schools :12318
Higher Education Universities :7
Arts & Science colleges :186
Political particulars MLA's : 141 , MP's : ( Loksabha : 20, Rajyasabha : 9)

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